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    Let's walk through the Automotive Emergency App and see why it is a Customer App Branding The Dealer!


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    The Automotive Emergency App Customer Referral Program is live! Check out the video and see how your dealership can grow sales with this great program!

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  • AEALogo25x250A dealer app can show inventory, Service, and parts but why would a prospect or customer download it? They won’t or at least very few will. You need a customer friendly app for your dealership that the customer will come back and use.

    The AEA (Automotive Emergency App) is loaded with customer friendly benefits for many services but brands your dealership! Why pay for expensive auto dealer apps that are hardly used. the dealership app has an array of functions that make it customer friendly. They download the app not just to call you or visit your inventory but has functions that they can use on a daily basis. Here are some great features of the automotive emergency app:

    Normal dealer buttons

    The auto dealer app has a service, parts, and collision contact button. One touch and straight to your dealership. The service department button can call you direct, email, or text your service personnel in an instant. How about scheduling the service department in an instant. The customer can call the parts department in a flash to check if you have a part they know they need if they can work on their own personal or commercial vehicle.

    Do you have a collision shop? They have brought their vehicle into your bodyshop and need to know an update. One touch dial the body shop personnel for an update. If you do not have a body shop then this is an opportunity to sell this space on the automotive app for them. You take care of your customer by this all inclusive app and decrease the cost. This is a win win situation for both the automotive dealership and the collision shop!

    What makes this dealer app special

    Not many people will download a dealer app but the automotive emergency app was built for the customer. This is great branding for the dealer and proves you care about your prospect or customer. Your dealer app has one touch dialing to towing or roadside assistance, taxi, locksmith, insurance companies, rental cars, and more. This is the reason people will download your vehicle app. We build value into your dealership app that has a safely value that shows you care. The theme of the dealer app is “we care about your safety” and this is why you should help your customers. A value proposition that keeps your customer coming back through your dealership for service and also if they get into trouble on the side of the road.

    Dealer social media and games

    Today’s social environment is all about social media presence. You are paying a lot of money for your social sites. Your emergency app allows them to connect to your social media sites at a touch of a button. We live on our smart phones so it’s important to be able to connect with your customers. We use a special tab to all your social media sites to connect to your dealership.

    Walk through your waiting room now – how many customers have their faces in their smart phones? at least fifty percent. You can take advantage of this great advertising situation by branding your dealership through games on the automotive emergency app. A special tab has several games they can play while they are waiting on the paperwork or service to be done staring at your label. This is invaluable to you. What if they are on the side of the road with a flat tire waiting on roadside assistance? Give the something to take their minds off the stress knowing you care.