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    cropped-JLS-Logo.jpgJLS Marketing is a  leading wholesale marketing company representing dealers in the South Carolina and Georgia markets. Our unique 800 number allows the body and mechanical shops to place in their speed dial and dial any manufacturer by touching only two numbers.  Seamless calling without an operator to connect the call.

    Dealership Benefits

    Our dealer network loves our reporting system allowing them to know what shop has called in what city along with time on the phone – this allows them to understand a quality call or a quick hang-up. Our system has a CRM program updating the dealer with places visited and important notes. Images are stored of the business card and storefront.

    JLS parts software emails the dealer all new customers with name, address, phone number. Once our parts software program recognises that phone number the information will go into the system. This is a great accountability tool for the dealers.

    The JLS Dealer App

    Shops are loving the one touch dealer dialing of our app. A free app for the collision and mechanical shops that allows them to be anywhere in the shop, under the hood or across town and be able to contact the dealer without having to go back to their desk. There are several reasons why you would need this great tool. Ordering parts away from your desk, under the hood, or have to go check in parts and might be missing a part when the order arrives.

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    Daily Auto Shop Visits

    We are not a mailing company. Our sales reps visit the shops daily and hand out or beautiful 11 x 17 posters that are attractive for the shop to place on the wall. Easy visual dial format is presented to make the ordering process without searching through folders on their desk. JLS Marketing takes great pride our poster to work with the automotive app. Similar in look and feel makes the parts ordering experience a pleasure. 90 percent of our dealers have been with us for fifteen years! We are constantly improving and updating our business model growing the parts department sales and customer service.

    Parts Software Suite

    We are in development of a software platform to help the shops grow their sales. more information coming soon!