• Dealer Referral Program

  • Referral Program

    Take advantage of a great referral program. Not only is the customer downloading a free app; they can earn money by referring friends and family to the dealership to purchase a vehicle. Increase sales with this exciting new promotion.

    Salesman Advantage

     Your sales team is the lifeblood of the dealership - motivated to sell cars.. but sometimes it helps to dangle a carrot. When a salesman has a prospect or new sale they want to give a FREE gift; the Automotive Emergency App shows they care. Once the customer loads the AEA app their eyes will immediately draw to the 'Referral Program' button and a simple tap will drive them to the page. The sales and service team shows in a dropdown menu that gives them credit for the lead to this new referral - because the customer service from their last sale was worth noting!

    Service Advisor Advantage

    You are building a relationship with your new customer - give them a FREE GIFT with the Automotive Emergency App. When your customer is stuck on the side of the road at midnight and has nowhere to turn - except the AEA app. Towing, Taxi, Local Hospitals, Emergency Numbers, Rental Cars, Insurance Numbers (I could go on for hours) - Show them how to download the AEA app and select your name as Dealer Representative. When they refer a friend and choose you as the DR you get rewarded for the lead.