• Manage Your Own Money

  • Brokerage fee's are out of control. If you presently let a company manage your money take a look at the statement and you will just shake your head. I have been trading options for a year now and love it. The Tastytrade team has a unique way to trade options and high school kids are learning it's so easy. 

    Tastytrade has an eight hour show daily split into 15 minute video clips so you won' miss any information and can watch at your convenience. From 'Where Do I start' to advanced options training it doesn't matter your skill level. The support desk is second to none. They answer emails and live chat in minutes helping their customers. I want to spread the word to my automotive customers and friends and teach them how to take control of their own money. If you can repair a vehicle then this a walk in the park!


  • For the record; I do not make any money on your trades - Tastyworks has a referral program so their customers can spread the word and earn some points for their effort. 

    I will help you from the beginning to help get a fast start learning how the system works and the best training videos to watch. The most important value clicking the link below is it's nice to have someone to trade with and share ideas. We will be our own little group helping each other grow our nest egg and retire with the lifestyle we deserve!


    First thing you do is sign up for FREE here:   bit.ly/tasty-works

    Second thing to do is email or call me and let me know you have joined up and want to learn more..

    Third thing to do visit:  http://tastytrade.com and visit the site.


    Let's have some fun and secure our future!!






  • A Great Place To Start

    This video training is for 'newbies' or if your new into trading options...