• Testimonials

  • The Automotive Emergency App is probably one of the best idea's I have seen in a while - when Steve explained what normal dealer apps are like then he explained the AEA app made total sense to me. Why would a customer download a dealer app that just has service and parts. I would want to be on the road with an app that can help after hours - Thanks JLS..

    Awesome! Shawn P

  • This is too funny - I had a dealer ask me to download their app and I looked at it and rolled my eyes. Then a friend turned me on to the automotive emergency app and I had to download it - if I get stick on the side of the road and need towing - Im one touch away! Thanks to who invented this app..

    Tanya A.

  • Great app - mainly because I've seen other dealer apps - wouldn't download them - but this one kinda cool - I like the Taxi button if it get's a little late one night if you know what I mean!

    M Rodgers

  • I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting on vehicle to be serviced and the service guy comes up and says 'you should download our free gift' - (i'm thinking what is this going to cost me) so to appease him I did - wow - that's awesome. I might need this one day - I like the Media Services - damn cable goes out I can dial the b*&'s now! (sorry)

    Nice App April R

  • Hey - get it to fix my car before I show up to the dealership. Nice app but I'm still pissed.

    Go Cocks! Bobby